About Us

Integrated branding is the key to building sustainable brand value. Integration magnifies the return on investment across different modes of communication.


Integrated Brands - a showcase of strategic communications


Consistency... coherence... synergy... 360º... integration... call it what you
will, a brand will be remembered and thought of more favorably if all modes of
communications work together and speak with the same voice.

This site is a showcase for brands that are doing it right. It is for brands with a
clear vision and sensible strategies. It is for brands that express themselves
consistently and coherently. It is for brands that are using new digital tools
effectively. It is for brands that people want to buy.

Inspire and be inspired – please contribute

This is a site that is designed to help the marketing community make brands
more inspiring. Please contribute.

If you notice a brand that you find inspiring, please add it to the site. If you
work for a company that has (or is) an inspiring brand, please upload it along
with examples of the communications that are helping it grow. If you work for
an agency that has helped create a successful brand, you are welcome to
showcase your work.


You are welcome to upload brands and examples

of their marketing communications. See "How to contribute".



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